One of the biggest objections to working with agencies is:
"If you know how to do that, why do not you do it yourself?"
We do it.
Our founders Kevin and Andreas have their own online companies, which constantly bring over € 120,000 / month profit and scale steadily.
Buddies Media uses its own money to test new Facebook / Instagram concepts and push these platforms to their limits.
Maximize profits, aggressively scale, stay consistent with brand and image.
That's why we always start with the sales process.
Whether it's an e-commerce company, coaching or offline businesses (such as: gyms, restaurants, real estate agents), we'll look at what your sales and attendance process looks like.

Most agencies are slow, disorganized and use theory rather than field-proven concepts. In addition, you spend 30 days with on-boarding and charge you for a fee!
With us, on-boarding takes 90 minutes and there is no charge, so we can get your ads up and running as soon as possible.
We are fast and we do not want to waste time.
We know that many business owners have been approached by agencies, we feel with them.
That said, we also know that you have never worked with an agency that guarantees the same track record as we do.
An agency where the founders lead by example.
Therefore, we ask you to book your free Discovery Call with us and see why we are taking the entire agency market by storm.